The Montana Trails Coalition’s mission is to work with individuals, organizations, and communities to support trails and outdoor recreation opportunities on public and private lands open for public use in Montana.


Our vision is to work collectively as user groups, organizations, communities and citizens to promote and advocate for trails and outdoor recreation opportunities for public use in Montana and support the public land management agencies in providing quality, well maintained trails for public use and enjoyment.


To work cooperatively as interest groups to better support the promotion and enhancement of trails and outdoor recreation opportunities on public lands in Montana.

 Identify and develop possible funding initiative recommendations to enhance and support trails and outdoor recreation opportunities in the state of Montana.

 Through possible funding recommendations advocate and gain legislative support to provide much needed financial support for the development, improvement and maintenance of trails and associated recreation amenities in order to enhance and sustain quality recreation opportunities throughout the state.


The State of Montana has very few funding or revenue streams to support the maintenance, improvement, or development of trails and outdoor recreation opportunities on our public lands. The current federal and state appropriations are extremely inadequate to meet the needs of outdoor recreation management agencies, communities or organizations. The federal land management agencies have substantially declining budgets in trails and outdoor recreation management.

Consequently they lack sufficient funding to manage the extensive and diverse needs of users and are unable to maintain and sustain quality trails or recreation opportunities in the state.

Most importantly, trails and associated outdoor recreation opportunities enhance our communities, provide opportunities for the improvement of citizen’s health, and enhance the quality of life for both residents and visitors across the state.

Outdoor recreation and tourism is more than a 6 billion dollar industry in the state that creates approximately 64,000 jobs. By identifying and implementing possible funding initiatives that can support trails and outdoor recreation opportunities, we can assure that quality recreation opportunities are provided across the state that enhance and potentially increase the important and vital outdoor recreation and tourism economy.

Over seventy percent of Montana citizens support public lands. We need to find ways to financially support the land management agencies to not only maintain but increase their ability to provide and maintain quality trails and outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the state.

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